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Zlatoust knife

Zlatoust knife


Künstler: Zlatoust


Größe: cm 28

Verfügbarkeit: Nicht verfügbar

Preis: € 450,00

Zlatoust knife

Overall length: 12 1/4" 310mm

Blade length: 7' 180mm

Blade width: 1 1/2" 38mm

Blade thickness: 1/8" 4mm

Blade steel: damascus

Blade hardness: 59 HRC

Handle material: birch burl caps handle are gold-plated

. Classic hunting knife, which adorned the bear's head is. Oak leaves carved into the handle of black wood, symbolizing longevity and strength of spirit. The good shape of a double-edged blade with full groove in the middle. Convenient handle and hand protection in the form of a bear paw allow the knife comfortably and safely, during capture of the different types of work.

The Russian equivalent of Solingen or Seki City, Zlatoust is a knife and sword making town dating back to the mid 18th century. Known for their extraordinary metal work and intricate blade decoration the knives, to this day, retain the same qualities and enticing Russian design sensibilities. These knives are not easy to come by and are something a little bit out of the ordinary. The Boyarin is a beautifully shaped knife design. It uses 95X18 stainless steel and the handle is birch with leather spacers. It is supplied with a leather sheath and certificate of authenticity.

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