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Double Blade Switchblade Lelle Floris cm 33

Double Blade Switchblade Lelle Floris cm 33

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Künstler: Lelle Floris


Größe: cm 15,5 x cm 33

Verfügbarkeit: Nicht verfügbar

Preis: € 990,00

Double Blade Switchblade Lelle Floris cm 33

Lelle Floris in the making of this knife was partially inspired by an old knife from the year 1790 kept in the Sheffield museum. In the last picture you can see the original knife and a description of it

Double Blade Switchblade Lelle Floris cm 33

 Handle : Camel Bone Scales

Blade : carbon steel

This knife has a powerful spring and pops open with authority

The knife is packaged and sold in an elegant gift box An original idea and a huge impact for a special friend, a valued client, or just for yourself .........

Only the first blade opens automatically

The second blade is a razor that opens and closes manually


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