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Pink Pocket Knife for Women

Pink Pocket Knife for Women

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Künstler: Augusto Curreli


Größe: cm 10 x cm 22

Verfügbarkeit: Nicht verfügbar

Preis: € 160,00

Pink Pocket Knife for Women

Mal was besonders für die Frau von Welt.

The perfect unique gift for the special lady in your life

The knife is packaged and sold in an elegant gift box An original idea and a huge impact for a special friend, a valued client, or just for yourself ......... For just a small additional charge the ring or the blade can be personalized with your name or the initial of a loved one, a date, an anniversary, a short romantic phrase that expresses your love, your passion or ideas: endless possibilities to make your knife a true masterpiece that will always be unique and special. Phrases can also be in Sardinian, English, German or Latin so that your knives will be truly special, unique and with a high symbolic value

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